What is Xsleep?

Xsleep is a revolutionary smart mattress system that can automatically detects your posture and adjusts its surface to provide the ultimate sleep, based on a powerful, big-data driven, and AI-powered cloud platform.


The powerful Xsleep cloud uses homegrown algorithms and advanced artificial intelligence to complete big-data analysis and in-depth sleep pattern and behavior analysis, generating truly personalized sleep settings.

  • TelemetryTelemetry
  • ProfilesProfiles
  • Sleep AnalysisSleep Analysis
  • AnalysisBig Data
  • HomegrownArtificial Intel.
  • CloudCloud Platform

Relief the pressure

With advanced pressure sensing and mapping technology, Xsleep distinguishes People vs. Objects, understands your sleeping posture, and automatically adapts to minimize the pressure on each region of your body, offering unparalleled comfort for everybody and every body.

Stay mobile

The Koala mobile app, designed specifically for the Xsleep system, allows you to manually fine-tune the mattress to your taste, view information regarding your sleep, and understand the status of your mattress.

A modular design

The modular nature of the Xsleep smart mattress system allows its breakthrough technology to be easily and seamlessly integrated into existing mattress products.

Upcoming Events

Come see Xsleep for yourself and experience unbelievable comfort first-hand at an event.

Date Event Stall
Sep 21, 2017 Furniture China (Shanghai) W4 E30
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